An economist told what he chatted with Mauricio Macri and Nicolás Dujovne at La Rosada

The President of the Nation, Mauricio Macri, and the Minister of Finance, Nicolás Dujovne, received on Monday at the Casa Rosada the economists Daniel Artana (FIEL) and Ricardo Arriazu (Estudio Ricardo Arriazu y Asociados).

That meeting, informed by the Ministry of Finance, was part of meetings that the President has been holding with economists of different aspects, some of them held in the fifth presidential of Olivos.

After the meeting on Monday, Daniel Artana told, by Radio Miter, details of the conversation with the President of the Nation and his Minister of Economy.

“I saw it well, I saw it very well in the president’s mind,” said the economist. And added that “I got the feeling that, both the President and Minister Dujovne, are clear that we must comply with the Budget Law that has been approved in Congress and proposes for this year improvement in the fiscal situation quite important and that is not easy. And that the recession is hitting government revenues but (despite that) are determined to do what needs to be done to comply with this law, “explained Artana.

And noted that at the meeting, both he and Arriazu, opined that “the economy will start to recover more for the second quarter and that the monetary hardness -or monetary overload- has paid off and that has allowed the interest rate begins to fall at a fairly strong pace, which helps to recover the economy but with some delay, because that is not an immediate effect. “

Thus, the economist of FIEL said: “I saw the President and Dujovne well despite the fact that 2018 was a very hard year”. And he praised that the officials are open to listening because “to lock oneself in the glass tower is always bad”.

Artana then evaluated that now “the Government is convinced that there is not much alternative to making this drastic improvement of the fiscal numbers in an election year” and pointed out that, in his opinion, “it is a consequence of having gone very slowly before” with the reforms in the economy.

“The government lost credibility last year and for that reason, had to overact what has costs on the real economy,” said the economist who met with Macri and Dujovne. And he said that it coincides with a statement made by his colleague Arriazu in the meeting with the officials when he analyzed that the Central Bank took in recent days a series of measures and that these resolutions “could be a space for the recovery of credit.”

The economist said that the meeting did not talk about how to make the reforms that could not be done in a first term but said that “it would give the impression that President Macri is clear that there is a need to reform several structural issues of Argentina”, Artana finished.

The appointment of Macri and Dujovne with Artana and Kiguel is part of a series of meetings that the president has with different economists, such as the one he held a few days ago with Pablo Guidotti and Miguel Kiguel. Macri also spoke with Miguel Ángel Broda, Martín Lousteau and Carlos Melconian, former head of Banco Nación and friend of the President.

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